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A Better SelectList for ASP.Net MVC (Revisited)

Some time ago I wrote up a set of overloaded methods to help build a select list from an enumerable object. I’ve revisited the code and made it [..]

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Worst Movie Club

If you live in or near Visalia, California and like cheesy movies, join us. We watch the worst. You may have heard about movies being so bad they’re [..]

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Birdemic: The Memoir

Following the so-called “World Tour 2010” of “Birdemic: Shock and Terror”, director James Nguyen put pen to paper to write several rough paragraphs and called it “a memoir”. [..]

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Kill the Password

While Wired‘s cover story about the failure of passwords (“Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore”) is now a couple of months old, [..]

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Click “Close” to Acknowledge

I’m not sure if this deserves to be complained about publicly, but it seems pretty strange to me that closing a dialog box equates to acknowledging receipt of [..]

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A Better SelectList for ASP.Net MVC

UPDATE: revised code listing here. The following is a more complete version of the code I posted as an answer to a Stack Overflow question. The purpose is [..]

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Password limits. Why?

I was creating an account for a web site today and hit this error: Seriously? Why is there a limit to the password length? If I want a [..]

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Science Genius Girl

I learned of the band Freezepop through the Rock Band games. I love their lyrics, mixing brainy terminology with humorous situations. The song “Science Genius Girl” popped up [..]


Laptop Waking Itself Up

I’ve been using a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop for work recently. Each night, I typically hibernate my laptop so the next day I can resume where I’ve left [..]

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SQL: Turn a Date Range into a List of Dates

I’m working on a project today that deals with date ranges being stored in SQL Server. Imagine a row in a table with a starting and an ending [..]

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