Lavender Diamond… Huh?

We are at a Rilo Kiley concert where we just saw a group called Lavender Diamond. It must be a put-on because the singer was just so corny. Nope, this girl is for real. Her choreography mimicked an 8-year old ballerina dancer as she kept spinning around, arms waving and tugging at her shiny dress.

The singing was annoying at best. She kept saying really goofy, new-agey things between songs about our beautiful planet, the moon, and all the wonderful technology/electricity on-stage. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her banter — and I wasn’t alone. The audience was done with her and applauded at three different points during the last song hoping it would prompt her to leave.

We didn’t get video of the show, but I found an official music video that showcases the lunacy. I love how she’s constantly about to fall down off of those roller skates.

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