Pawn Star

Here are some photos from our recent trip to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. I got to see Rick and meet The Old Man. Big Hoss and Chumlee were not there. It was amazing to see how small the shop was–the TV show makes the place look huge. I was expecting it to be about twice the size, but then again, the place isn’t as crowded when they film it. At the time, Rick had a torn ACL, so he was limping around the shop and looked like he was trying to grin through the pain.


Do you want to go for a walk?

I’ve been so busy with work the past couple of weeks, I have had to forego my typically daily walks with the pugs. I feel bad that all they do is sleep and eat. They wait for any chance they can get to hop in the car or go outside if they see me getting up to go somewhere. Usually a 30-minute walk will tire them out for the night. Once I’m done with this project, I’ll try to get back on schedule with them.


Solid reporting?

The lead story of today’s local paper was titled Terror suspect linked to Visalia. When you read the article, it talks about a guy in Sprinfield, Illinois who was plotting to blow up a building. What is the link to my hometown in California? His alleged MySpace profile in which he indicated a hometown of Visalia, CA according to the State Journal-Register of Illinois.

There is, however another city of Visalia in the country–one that is much closer to Illinois–in Kentucky. Since the MySpace profile has been removed, I can’t verify what it actually said for the hometown. It’s not clear from the reports if it could have just said “Visalia” or if it explicitly listed the state. The same MySpace profile said the guy attended high school in Michigan. The three states, Illinois, Michigan, and Kentucky are in close proximity to each other–much closer to Kentucky than California from Illinois or Michigan. I’m not saying the reporting is necessarily wrong, but it is a big jump to report that there is definitely a link to our city rather than another when there is no other evidence–school records or family members with the same last name–living in this city. I think somebody might have jumped the gun when searching for Visalia and finding the California city rather than the one in Kentucky.

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RiffTrax LIVE!

rifftrax_live_plan_9Now you can watch the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 live on the big screen in Fresno.  Check out the details here: or add it to your Google Calendar by clicking the button below.

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WebControl with embedded stylesheet rendering at design time

I have a working solution to the embedded image in an embedded stylesheet problem, but I would appreciate any suggestions for improvement. This does its own substitution of the CSS file in the Designer class for the IDE. Transparency in PNGs don’t work so far, however. I’ll post some of the code here, but a full example solution is available for download. I’d love to hear comments on this. Thank you! Read more »

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Couple Quick Movie Picks

Until I write more in-depth reviews of some of the recent movies I’ve seen, here’s a super quick evaluation:

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George Carlin 1937-2008

My heart is sad today. One of my favorite comics George Carlin is gone.

I can’t tell you the number of times my husband Justin and I have spent driving late at night listening to George’s cd’s and laughing our asses off. In a lot of ways we “got” his comedy we also “got” each other. We also had the honor of seeing him live on stage three times. When we saw him last in February 2006 he had announced that he had a heart attack six weeks ago over Christmas and that is was his first show back. When he said that I had a feeling that it could be one of the last times we might ever see him.

Unfortunately there have been a ton of fake forwarded e-mails and web postings that people attributed to George that are total bullshit. In the coming days there might be a lot of those going around. Most of the stuff is way too intellectually inferior to have ever been some of George’s unique and genius writings and musings. His humor was hugely influential on so many of today’s comics. His work was constantly pushing the boundaries and challenging our freedom of speech.

If you ever had the privilege of seeing George for yourself you could always tell that deep down he was just a cool and sweet guy. Even though there are so many things attributed to him that are not his own, one thing that I did hear him say on a 60 minutes feature has always stuck with me and I believe in many ways defines him as an comic, artist, and person and that I, myself, related to in many ways. “Inside every cynical person there is a disappointed idealist.” George Carlin 1937-2008

Thank You George you will be missed…

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We Will Miss You, George

George Carlin

George Carlin

George Carlin, 71, died of heart failure Sunday evening. He was the first comedian I remember seeing who spoke about real things in a painfully honest way, all while being funny as hell. In his writings and performances, there is a philosophy of truth and empowerment that I respect and admire.

Mr. Carlin, you will be missed.

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Lavender Diamond… Huh?

We are at a Rilo Kiley concert where we just saw a group called Lavender Diamond. It must be a put-on because the singer was just so corny. Nope, this girl is for real. Her choreography mimicked an 8-year old ballerina dancer as she kept spinning around, arms waving and tugging at her shiny dress.

The singing was annoying at best. She kept saying really goofy, new-agey things between songs about our beautiful planet, the moon, and all the wonderful technology/electricity on-stage. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at her banter — and I wasn’t alone. The audience was done with her and applauded at three different points during the last song hoping it would prompt her to leave.

We didn’t get video of the show, but I found an official music video that showcases the lunacy. I love how she’s constantly about to fall down off of those roller skates.

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Bianca Recuperates

Bianca was exhausted after her vet visit to treat her bee sting. Here she is lounging on the comfy chair in the hotel room.

Bianca recuperates from a bee sting

Bianca recuperates from a bee sting

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