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A Better SelectList for ASP.Net MVC (Revisited)

Some time ago I wrote up a set of overloaded methods to help build a select list from an enumerable object. I’ve revisited the code and made it [..]

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Kill the Password

While Wired‘s cover story about the failure of passwords (“Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore”) is now a couple of months old, [..]

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Click “Close” to Acknowledge

I’m not sure if this deserves to be complained about publicly, but it seems pretty strange to me that closing a dialog box equates to acknowledging receipt of [..]

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A Better SelectList for ASP.Net MVC

UPDATE: revised code listing here. The following is a more complete version of the code I posted as an answer to a Stack Overflow question. The purpose is [..]

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Password limits. Why?

I was creating an account for a web site today and hit this error: Seriously? Why is there a limit to the password length? If I want a [..]

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Laptop Waking Itself Up

I’ve been using a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop for work recently. Each night, I typically hibernate my laptop so the next day I can resume where I’ve left [..]

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